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The global exhibition industry is of major economic importance

Infographics on the Global Economic Impact of Exhibitions
Exhibitions, commonly referred to as trade shows or fairs, have a simple purpose:
bringing industries together to build community and create supply chain opportunities. 

But the industry itself is not a simple one at all: with over €334 ($551) billion in business sales for attendees, exhibitions have an incredible impact on our global economy. In addition, expenses of visitors and exhibitors generate a total impact of €299 ($334) billion for both the value chain of the exhibition industry (organisers, venues and service providers) and the tourism related activities (accommodation, food and travel). 

Trade shows have developed into far more than booths displaying product—they have become marketplaces amplified by educational opportunities, innovation launches, and data-driven qualified lead retrieval opportunities, supported by social networking activities that unite valuable digital progress with the now-yearned-for magic of interpersonal connection. 

3.4 million total jobs are directly and indirectly supported by exhibitions.

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