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Global Exhibitions Day (GED) is held annually on the first Wednesday of June.
GED2022 is therefore set to be celebrated on 1 June 2022!
GED is open to everyone interested in increasing the visibility
of the Exhibition Industry regionally and on a global scale.

Global Exhibitions Day (GED) recognises the important role that trade exhibitions play in driving economies throughout the world.
Exhibitions have traditionally played a role in bolstering and growing economic sectors, and this year is no exception!

The 2022 GED campaign will focus on the irreplaceable value of physical exhibitions and face-to-face business events in creating platforms for economic growth and recovery, as well as being the perfect occasion to network and meet new people.

While the event is facilitated by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, UFI, all businesses and professionals in the sector are encouraged to join the GED celebrations on 1 June 2022 by highlighting the impact of exhibitions on local economies – both in building businesses and connecting people from around the world.

From videos and meetings with policymakers, to webinars and hybrid events, to webcasts, social campaigns, virtual running parties, and more, UFI is inviting all event industry professionals and enthusiasts to get ready for, and get involved in the many different events that will take place around the world – and help make GED2022 the best Global Exhibitions Day yet!

Global Exhibitions Day 2022 Key Messages

We have clear and concise core messages for the respective target audiences:
We help you to grow your business
Business happens best when people meet face-to-face

Trade shows and exhibitions are the fastest of all fast track to drive economic recovery post-pandemic
As an industry, we know (and have proven) that we can operate business events safely
When it matters, you meet in person. Business acts the same way

Exhibitions offer career opportunities in a vibrant industry
Thrive in a fast-moving environment that empowers human contacts
Want to know more?
Contact us at ged@ufi.org

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