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The exhibition industry offers a variety of job opportunities

With over 3,4 million jobs directly and indirectly supported by exhibitions, the events industry is thriving with a vast number of career opportunities.

International and domestic organisers, venues, associations, industry partners and suppliers need professionals to fill a multitude or roles, whether sales, marketing, operations, office support, logistics and many more. Working within the industry provides a hugely exciting work environment and there are many benefits to working within this industry, including:

- The industry promotes face-to-face skill sets, while embracing digital innovations
- The industry is truly international
- It is a diverse, dynamic and inclusive industry
- Those within exhibitions are proud of the economic contributions to other industries, as well as their own
- The opportunity for real-time learning about other industries, businesses and markets is always available
- Any career path is possible, whether with a specialised background or more general, and the industry promotes life-long career and promotion prospects.

Opportunities in Operations & Services, Marketing and Sales

Working in the Exhibition Industry

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