How can you contribute to this year’s GED and be part of a dynamic global community?

Get creative and celebrate whichever aspects of the industry speak to you and your organisation:

  • Organise your own #GED2024 initiative and add them to the GED website.
  • Join a local #GED2024 initiative 
  • Ask your government officials for endorsement and recognition of the exhibition industry. 
  • Download the GED toolkit and share them with your colleagues.
  • Customise your own “voices of the exhibition industry” design from the GED toolkit and share your thoughts on the future of the industry. 
  • Share the "Global Economic Impact of Exhibitions" infographic from the GED toolkit to highlight the relevance of our industry.
  • Follow #GED2024 on social media via LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and WeChat.
  • Come up with your own idea and celebrate your day how you want!

Need more inspiration?

How can you celebrate Global Exhibition Day on 5 June 2024?

Join the Global Exhibitions Day conversations and celebrations on social media!

Check out our channels, tag us @UFI and use #GED2024 so we can all discover and share our messages!