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How can you contribute to this year’s GED 
and be part of a dynamic global community? 

Get creative and celebrate whichever aspects of the industry speak to you and your organisation:

  • Join a local GED2023 initiative or be inspired to set up your own
  • Follow #GED2023 on social media via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WeChat and LinkedIn
  • Share photos of you and your colleagues with the GED2023 logo 
  • Share stories from an exhibition, a product launch, a notable person who attended your show, a quote from an exhibitor, or your ROI statistics
  • Create your own “voices of the exhibition industry” design and share your thoughts on the future of the industry 
  • Ask your government officials for endorsement and recognition of the exhibition industry 
  • Come up with your own idea and celebrate your day how you want!

Need more inspiration?

How to celebrate Global Exhibition Day - 7 June 2023?

A big part of the promotion of Global Exhibitions Day takes place on social media. This is largely how UFI promotes events and initiatives, competitions, shares photos, and explains how to get involved. For this reason, our social media accounts are very active and regularly updated.
Use the below link to find GED 2023 across many popular social media channels.
And remember, on our channel, use #GED2023, so we can all discover and share our messages! 

Posting content on your own personal profile, use #GED2023.
Posting content on your own company/organisation page, use #GED2023.

Follow @UFI_GED_2023
Use the hashtag #GED2023 in any exhibition or GED related tweets and be sure to retweet the content from @UFI_GED_2023.

Join the Global Exhibitions Day Facebook group and tag the group in your posts. Tag the Global Exhibitions Day Group in your posts. Use the hashtag #GED2023

Make sure you subscribe to 
the UFI channel: UFI TV


This year, we need your help in making it louder and more visible!
This tool is dedicated to collecting and sharing activities related to the Global Exhibitions Day campaign.

We invite you to:
Share and update your initiatives and support
Support industry professionals and media to learn about your efforts

Please note that the tool will only register content in the English language. 
If you wish to share media releases or other material in your native language, we advise you to use the upload function within the reporting tool.

As the GED project office, UFI will be reviewing and editing (where necessary) all entries to ensure only GED related activities are shared and all information provided is relevant.

Search projects and activities

Search projects and activities

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